How I can help you?

I can help you to address underlying issues blocking happiness, success, and mental freedom. I will actively support you to gain clarity and receive encouragement to make your well-being a priority!

My mental health is my wealth

Healing isn’t just mental health.

It isn’t just about talk-therapy. Discovering ways to release trauma is multifaceted. Learn to experience emotional connection at a higher level by joining our yoga therapy group. This group provides access to an experienced yoga instructor, licensed mental health therapist, book club, and a space for healing conversations. Beauty shop yoga features an upbeat, energetic flow of empowered strengthening asanas. It also features balancing postures focused on mind, body, and breath connections techniques. This innovative space provides an overall head-to-toe therapeutic experience exclusively bought to you by RC wellness brand affiliates. Enjoy this wonderful and traditional yoga with a Soul-Full spin! The second half of class flows into a discussion book club by registering TODAY

Restoring The King 6 Week Program Mission:

Restoring The King is a mental wellness platform created to restore and heal Black men by providing innovative healing spaces, techniques and holistic practices to Black men from past and present trauma.

cohort 4 RTK

Start Your Healing Journey by Connecting with Life Coach Harvey Mills



Online Therapy

Providing client-centered online programs specifically developed to support individuals whose schedules don’t allow for in-person sessions.


Mindfulness Workshops

My unique weekend workshops are geared to learning how to live in the present, experiencing the moment.


Individual Coaching

Uncovering, discovering, and rediscovering unique individual strengths and goals on the path to each individual’s healing journey.


Group Therapy

Utilizing "reframing" techniques to transform thought patterns and behaviors with accountability partners and mentors.


Training Sessions

Creating a supportive workplace culture among employees.


Faithful Therapy

Holistically integrating mental health, relational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of care to help the whole person.


Help & Support

On-demand support as an added service


There is hope!

“Many people feel helpless and hopeless. I empower people to revolutionize their healing and achieve their life goals by raising self-awareness.”

Align your body, mind, and spirit into a place of peaceful harmony with Ridgle Consulting.

Let me help you transition your lifestyle!