Who I Am

Ridgle Consulting focuses primarily on personal development. I work with people to create tangible goals and find balance within their work and home lives. Here, I develop uniquely tailored coping skills and identify obstacles that block personal and professional growth.

My Mission

My mission is to help you address underlying issues blocking happiness, success, and mental freedom. I will actively support you to gain clarity and receive encouragement to make your well-being a priority!

What I Do

Ridgle Consulting utilizes innovative re-framing techniques to rewire negative thought patterns that often stop progress. With me, people can maximize productivity and improve emotional stability. I address "unchecked" feelings that act as the tipping point between either positive or negative life-changing outcomes.


I'm Nia Ridgle 

    On the outside looking in, I was the woman who had it all figured out. Career, relationship, house, car and children. However internally I was struggling with depression....

    I’m Nia, welcome, one of my goals in life is to help others uncover the truths about bias views associated with Mental Health. Before becoming a LCSW I struggled with depression. I wore guilt, shame and felt worthless this was the results of being in a mentally abusive relationship. During that time I found out I was with child, It should have been my happiest, however I found myself paralyzed with unresolved trauma and repeating a cycle. My life and story is like many others, and we found ourselves lost. Not having the proper channels, tools, support or knowledge of where to go for help. 

    After many failed attempts of using coping mechanisms that I found to be self- defeating, self-sacrificing and mostly outdated. I was left with the feeling that I was stifling my healing and growth. I embarked on a wonderful intense journey to self-love. I found the tools to be better do better and live better with the help of a professional. Through this I acquired wisdom and a healthy mindset which allowed me to gain insight on how these cycles negatively impacted my life, impacted our lives. I now had the tools, skills and mindset to help others. My mission is to support and empower others while instilling foundational principles to help break unhealthy habits and repeating cycles. I find when you reveal you heal, and I’m here to help you.

    “Many people feel helplessness and hopelessness, I empower people to revolutionize their healing and achieve their life goals through raising self awareness.”

    Thank you. 


I'm Harvey Mills

  • Hi, my name is Harvey W. Mills, III.  I am a Holistic Wellness Life Coach, currently living in Walnut Creek, California. I am the proud owner of Imperfectoutletz, a life coaching wellness brand built around my experience as a person of color and my passion to bring balance to our spirit and ego. I am also the owner of BALL GAME Training, which is a basketball brand geared toward mentality and life coaching. BALL GAME Training allows clients to take principles on the basketball court and translate them to spaces off the basketball court.

    My partnership extends to Ridgle Consulting in my role as the Wellness Manager and Life Coach supporting the Restoring the King platform for men of color.  You will also find me in partnership with Create the Space as a co host for #2me4u Stories of Exploration from the Heart and a life coach for the Create the Space membership program.  

    I have been featured on the 106.1 KMEL Street Soldiers radio show and on a panel with the Betty Ono Organization.  I also had the pleasure of being a guest on the "Living Once Twice" podcast with Justin Oliver.  

    My passion for basketball has led me to do motivational speaking events for the Oscar Grant Ballers and allowed me to train many youth in the Oakland, CA area.

    I truly believe in giving back through speaking to my experiences and sharing information with humility. I share the same sentiment with Ridgle Consulting around making yourself the solution to your problems by understanding what you do control in your life and what you have no control over.

    My life's mission is to never settle for comfortable and empower others by sharing my experiences in spirit while bringing balance to my ego to meet people where they are and manifest productive change.


I'm Rondy Isaac

  • He is an ambassador with Blackboysom -"Black Male Yogis For the Culture - Centering Wellness Practices for Black Boys and Black Men"
    Partnering with Art of Yoga Project in developing curriculum for male presenting youth (trauma informed yoga for marginalize youth)

    Rondy is the founder of Barbershop Yoga - Yoga, Book club, and discussion for Black men and Black boys
    2-200 hours in Yoga Teacher Trainings/Certification in Vinyasa & Power yoga
    Certified Holistic Nutritionist at Bauman College, a science-based nutrition curriculum focused on whole-foods nutrition

    RONDYOGA offers yoga classes that feature an upbeat, energetic flow, emphasizing strength building postures, and power, movements to provide more flexibility. Focusing on mind, body, and breath-connections, students will benefit from a traditional yoga practice with a soulful spin. RONDYOGA practice is compassionate, fun, and design for wellness practices for Black women.

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