Corporate & Non Profit Trainings

List Of Trainings:

  • Mindfulness training

  • Purposeful living

  • Navigating stress during crisis

  • Crucial conversations/ EQuity inclusion training

  • Revolutionary healing pathways to wellness

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Price Starting as low as $999 customized workbooks included.

Hi, I am Nia Ridgle

I am a Licensed Therapist, passionate about destigmatizing mental health. My mission is to support and empower others while instilling foundational principles to reframe outdated coping skills when Navigating the twist interns of life. I find when you reveal you, you heal.

How We Support Your Journey:

Ridgle Consulting utilizes innovative re-framing techniques to recreate an inclusive workplace environment that often affects workplace productivity and inclusiveness due to Working while navigating emotionally triggering feelings. Our trainings maximize productivity and improve emotional stability or each participant.

Credentials: Mental Heath therapist LCSW, Life Coach


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