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June 30th: Healing through Spiritual and Mental Health

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June 22nd: Standing for Black Women

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June 16th: A Women Only Event - Surviving The Times

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Coping with Pain and Trauma

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June 2nd: The Depressed Therapist II: Establishing Boundaries

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Breaking Unhealthy Cycles

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May 28-29th: United we Survive and Thrive

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May 27th: Caring for Ourselves in Time for COVID-19

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Nov 16th: Success is the best Revenge. A seminar on healing and financial peace


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Oct 23rd: The Ultimate Healing Online Series

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Oct 10: The Depressed Therapist

Hosted by TryB

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Sept 14th : The Debatable Live

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Host: New Year, New Season Meet & Greet with Nia Ridgle

(July 2019)

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Host: Be Your Own Revolution: 7 Bold Steps To Revolutionary Healing

(June 2019)

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Host: EVOLVE: Personal Development - Business Mixer

(June 2019)

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Featured Guest Speaker: Mental Health Telesummit: Breaking Up with B.A.E

(May 2019)

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Host of "How To Have A 9-5 While Building Your Empire"

(January 2019)

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Host: "Personal Development Business Mixer"

(December 2018)