Healing isn’t just mental health.

It isn’t just about talk-therapy. Discovering ways to release trauma is multifaceted. Learn to experience emotional connection at a higher level by joining our yoga therapy group. This group provides access to an experienced yoga instructor, licensed mental health therapist, book club, and a space for healing conversations. Beauty shop yoga features an upbeat, energetic flow of empowered strengthening asanas. It also features balancing postures focused on mind, body, and breath connections techniques. This innovative space provides an overall head-to-toe therapeutic experience exclusively bought to you by RC wellness brand affiliates. Enjoy this wonderful and traditional yoga with a Soul-Full spin! The second half of class flows into a discussion book club by registering TODAY



Healing Sister Circle

How to be revolutionary by owning your value...

New Season, New You!

We're super excited to have our next Sister Circle in only a few weeks! We have extended the program to 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks to give us more time to do the healing work.

We've included a free 1:1 session with Nia Ridgle and the opportunity to join the Beauty Shop Yoga class for FREE.

Payment plans available

Please note - Healing Circle are on Thursdays and the Yoga sessions are on Sundays.

Upcoming Dates Thursday's: 

New Dates Coming Soon...

"Self Love is One Thing Finding the Bravery to Heal is a Whole Separate Matter."

- Nia Ridgle

Let's help each other to...

Improve relationship communication

Advance in your career

Learn stress management tools to navigate crisis

Learn how to honor and attract a healthy King