Mindfulness Workshop

Self-love is the most powerful source of energy a person can possess. However, it takes a willingness and an openness to embody. Changing an outdated professional career, starting a new business, finally writing that book you have been yearning to write for years can make you feel helpless, hopeless, and stuck. Restoring broken relationships, healing deep wounds is a bold step into your healing journey. Let me support you. I ask you to consider bringing me on your healing journey as your mental health therapist and life coach. Say YES! To yourself. Say YES!  To professional support. You are worth a day and a half, to two days spent on pouring into your up! Your kids, your partner, and your job deserve a healthy you. I GUARANTEE you will leave feeling rejuvenated and worthy of living the life of your dreams.


  • One-two days of support and access from a Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • On the spot coaching
  • Continental breakfast and snacks provided
  • Workbook
  • A grab bag
  • Supportive Community of likeminded women
  • A Follow-up; discovery session

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